Do root barriers work?

Do root barriers work?

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Australian plants are used to the harsh climate. However, they sometimes struggle to find water and their roots will travel long and far to reach the necessary nourishment.

Because of this, trees and plants near suburban areas can easily cause damage to surrounding infrastructure if left unattended.

Root barriers are an ideal solution to controlling root growth, without compromising the development and stability of the plants.

Unattended root growth often causes burst pipes, buckling concrete or entangled foundations. With a root barrier, your tree can grow strong and healthy while also remaining controlled.

In this article, we will discuss whether root barriers work and how you can get yours today!

Why use root barriers?

When Aussie plants and trees get low on water supply, the roots will disperse in search for more. The spreading roots can damage surrounding wildlife, walls, footpaths and pipes. This can be deadly to native flora, especially if the plant is not native to Australia.

Installing a root barrier places a wall around the base, with enough room for roots to grow and stabilise the plant. This prevents roots from spreading too far or in certain directions.

Root barriers are easy to install. They are super lightweight and can be cut to fit the size you need, making them cost-effective and efficient.

Unlike concrete or sheet metal, root barrier is a far easier solution for dispelling unwanted root invasion.

It is extremely difficult to fix an underground burst pipe. But typically, that is where roots will be drawn toward because of the moisture.

Roots can power through concrete and cause a lot of damage. You can avoid this damage by installing root barriers today.

How to use root barriers

Here at All Stake Supply, we offer UV stabilised, high-density polyethylene root barriers to ensure long-lasting protection. They are also environmentally friendly so you don’t have to worry.

When installed and tightly sealed, the moisture in the ground is retained. This means you don’t just prevent roots from spreading to unwanted areas, but you help liven young or old plants drastically.

If you have a house or property and plan to plant trees on the left side of the structure, placing a root barrier in between will force roots to grow away from the house.

This is why root barriers are popular – they are effective and versatile. You can just blockade one side or completely surround the plant, depending on the desired results.

Prevent invasive or unwanted root expansion easily and effectively today!

If you need root barriers or other erosion control products, then look no further. Contact our friendly team at All Stake Supply by calling 1300 130 123 for more information.