COMING SOON: green-POD – Enviro Seedling Guard

COMING SOON: green-POD – Enviro Seedling Guard

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Green-POD – Enviro Seedling Guard changes everything in plant protection.

The innovative green-POD combines natural fibre and clever design to create the perfect guard for plants and the environment.

Green-pod protection Benefits:

Green-POD – is the new way to protect and grow healthy seedlings. Made from recycled fibre green-POD protects from predators, herbicide and harsh weather conditions to nurture young seedlings.

  • Made from 100% recycled fibre green-POD has no plastic film coatings so it protects your plants and the surrounding environment.
  • Each guard comes with its own specially designed weed mat to improve plant survival and growth rates.
  • green-POD requires only one hardwood stake. Our unique stake port design locks the guard to prevent it spinning in the wind.
  • green-POD shields seedlings from extreme heat and photo-inhibition caused by the intense morning sunlight hitting frozen seedlings on frost event days.
  • green-POD protects from herbicide spray and browsing animals.
  • green-POD’s natural colour reduces the visual impact on the environment.
  • Once installed, there’s no need to go back to remove green-POD.
  • green-POD’s design is versatile, create larger diameter or taller guards by simply joining panels.


Please click on the brochure link below:

GreenPod Tree Guard Brochure