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  • Which grass, turf or gravel reinforcement is right for you?
    29 March, 2016

    Grass, turf and gravel reinforcement are increasingly in demand landscape supplies in Sydney, customers are looking for a grass surface that is both natural-looking and durable. While you may have needs for durable and strong surfaces on your property, councils generally require a percentage of your commercial or residential property to be soft landscape. Grass […]

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  • Park on Grass and You Can Damage Your Lawn
    16 February, 2016

    Don’t damage your lawn by parking recklessly! Here are the top three reasons why your grass might be getting damaged.

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  • Do You Have an Accident-Prone Green Thumb?
    29 January, 2016

    Have you made costly mistakes in your garden or veggie patch? If so, you may recognise some of these concerns.

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  • Where You Park Can Damage Your Turf
    22 January, 2016

    Don’t damage your turf by parking recklessly! Here are the top four reasons your turf might be getting damaged.

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  • Salvation for a Struggling Lawn
    23 December, 2015

    What lengths do you have to go to in the name of protecting your grass? Do you have guests or family that park on grass without thinking of the consequences? Grass reinforcement products may be the salvation that your lawn needs.

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  • Best Grass Pavers for Homes
    26 August, 2015

    Grass pavers are perfect for outdoor trafficked areas that are prone to be used as driveways, car parks, and pedestrian thoroughfares. Homeowners who often park on grass also use grass pavers as ground protection.

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  • Four Tips for Revegetation Programs
    18 August, 2015

    Soil preparation is vital to successful revegetation encouraging the development and survival of tube stock. This involves soil conditioning, weed control, erosion prevention and correct planting techniques.   When preparing your revegetation site, here’s four things you need to do:

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