Category: Landscaping Supplies

  • 3 Practical Uses for Grass Reinforcement Products
    06 August, 2014

    Grass reinforcement productsGrass surfaces are often exposed to daily human activities and heavy traffic that causes the turf to rut and wear. Unprotected grass surfaces can often result in a muddy and swampy lawn. Grass reinforcement products are designed to prevent traffic from damaging the turf. Used to protect grass from heavy footfall and vehicular traffic, Grass Protecta maintains a a porous greenscape . critical in reducing storm water run off. (more…)

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  • Landscaping Supplies for Tree Guard Protection
    30 May, 2014

    When planting trees we need to ensure that the trees we plant are well protected from destruction. Did you know that 50% or more of all newly planted trees rarely make it past 2 years? The reality is that trees are often under attack from bad climate, poor soil and living creatures, humans included. There are many factors that work to destroy the thousands of trees we plant in our communities each year, including: (more…)

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