Port Macquarie GR14 Grass Reinforcement

Port Macquarie GR14 Grass Reinforcement

Client: Port Macquarie Council
Location: Maintenance and Commuter Car park
Product: GR14 Grass Reinforcement
Application: Grass parking bays
Installed By: Construction crew Port Macquarie Council

The Brief

Port Macquarie’s Transport Engineer was looking for possible car park options at Parks Reserve on the northern side of Hasting River. Its main role is to be a stand-by car park for ferry maintenance vehicles, which would access the site 3-4 times a year. With a 200mtr square grass area available, a search was conducted to find a product that would reinforce the grass enabling an all-weather car park rather than creating a costly concrete car park.  Grass Reinforcement was the perfect solution.

The Solution

GR14 a part recycled polyethylene mesh reinforces grass and stops maintenance vehicles churning up grass and creating tyre ruts, it also can be retrofitted to established grass sites reducing installation costs.

Site preparation included filling in holes and sharp depressions with topsoil to create a level area and mowing the Kikuyu grass which covered the site. Preparation completed the GR14 which comes in rolls of 2 x 20mtres was ready to be rolled over the Kikuyu and pinned into position. It is advised to use 5 pins per square metre. Once installed the site is left until the grass has grown through and intertwined with the polyethylene mesh. A light covering of topsoil over GR14 and a good watering program will increase grass growth dramatically reducing the establishment time to weeks.


The GR14 has enabled the council to create a dual-purpose site a green space and a car park. The maintenance vehicles no longer churn up the grass and can use the site in all weather conditions. In fact, the site has worked so well commuters catching the ferry across the Hastings are using the car park daily. Overall Port Macquarie Council is happy with the result and is looking at other sites where GR14 can be deployed.