Overflow Carpark – Grass Reinforcement

Overflow Carpark – Grass Reinforcement

Client: Canberra Cemeteries
Location: Gungahlin Cemetery
Product: Grass Reinforcement Mesh
Application: Grassed Overflow Carpark

The Brief –

Overflow car park…Create a grassed, reinforced overflow car park that is an economic alternative to concrete, and maintains an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The Solution –

Grass Reinforcement Mesh is a long-lasting, extruded polyethylene mesh made from 20% recyclable material. The open mesh structure allows Australian Grass to grow through and cover the Grass Reinforcement Mesh. It is cost-efficient comparable to concrete and suitable for light-medium vehicle applications.

The Conclusion – Overflow Carpark

The existing area was cleared and levelled and Grass Reinforcement was then laid and pinned using Steel Fastening Pins. The Mesh was then top-dressed with soil and seeded with Cooch Grass. After 4 months of installation, the area has 75% coverage of grass. With continual watering and care the areas of slow grass growth will grow and knit with the mesh to provide complete coverage.