Grass Reinforcement Mesh- Heavy traffic

Grass Reinforcement Mesh- Heavy traffic

Client: Rod Everitt
Location: Narrabeen Residential Address
Product: Grass Reinforcement Mesh
Application: Residential Nature Strip

The Brief

Grass Reinforcement Mesh for heavy traffic areas, to stop rutting and compaction on turf.

The Solution

Grass Reinforcement Mesh is a long lasting, extruded polyethylene mesh made from 20% recyclable material. The oscillated design is slip resistant for neighbourhood walkers and UV stabilised for a quality, long lasting product.

The Conclusion – Grass Reinforcement Mesh

The Client installed the Mesh to existing levelled grass. The material was easily cut to shape the existing curved driveway and pinned in place with Steel Fastening Pins. With regular watering, Rod has seen nearly 85% coverage of grass growth through the mesh within 3 weeks. This low maintenance application will require no more than normal mowing practices once the grass has netted and grown through. Rod is very happy with the outcome and the ability to maintain a grass nature strip, whilst providing parking areas for vehicles.