Caring for your plants during their early stages of life

2 mins read

When it comes to developing a new garden, it’s imperative that you understand the appropriate methods of plant care, especially when the plants are in their early stages of life. From adequate watering to using garden stakes, here are some tips on caring for your young plants.

Prepare the soil

Before you do plant, it’s important to get the soil right. Testing should be done to determine your soils pH level, allowing you to get it to the ideal level for planting. Adding lime to the soil will increase its pH level while adding composts or manures will decrease it. Once your soil’s pH is at the ideal level, it can be strengthened with some fertiliser.


When your soil is ready, and it’s time to plant, it’s important you understand the correct care methods relative to the type of plant you’re planning to grow. If it’s seeds, there’ll likely be instructions for you to follow, so carefully read this. This will tell you how far apart to plant them, as well as how deep to plant them. If you’re buying young plants, simply dig a hole big enough to fit the plant and place it into the ground, compacting the soil around it.


When the plant is young, no matter the type, it will require watering every day. As it begins to grow, it will not need to be watered as regularly. You’ll generally be able to gauge when it needs some water and it will largely depend on the climate in which you live.

Support the plants

Most plants will not require more support than watering and fertilising, however, there can be some circumstances where other methods will be necessary. Garden staking may be needed for example to ensure that young or weak plants are protected from the elements, particularly wind. Also, if the plants are being placed on a sloped area, jute matting may be required to prevent erosion and stabilise the soil.

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