Can I lay a gravel driveway myself?

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As far as driveway materials go, gravel is the simplest material to deal with by far

As far as driveway materials go, gravel is the simplest material to deal with by far. Rather than needing to clinically lay pavers or professionally pour concrete.

A gravel driveway can be completed as a DIY project if you’ve got the time and determination. But before you commit to putting the gravel down yourself, let’s first take a look at what the process involves.

  1. Marking out the area – before starting you’ll need to mark out the area using timber stakes and string. Be sure to allow at least 3m of width, pushing it out to 4m if your driveway has curves.
  2. Measuring up and ordering the gravel – Once it’s marked out, measure the area that you need to cover. Allow for at least 10cm for depth (the deeper the gravel, the more stable the driveway). Order gravel based on multiplying length, width and depth.
  3. Excavating the topsoil – Dig out the topsoil in the area, taking the level down to that 10cm mark. You can either do this by hand or, for bigger areas, you can hire a backhoe.
  4. Compact and level the surface – Once the area has been dug out you need to ensure that it is level and that the dirt is nicely compacted. It’s best to use a mechanical compactor to achieve this.
  5. Reinforce the driveway – Before laying the gravel, it’s a good idea to lay a filter fabric, it’s inexpensive and the filter fabric stops weeds growing through the gravel but still retains the gravel driveways permeability. If you are using timber edging install at this point of the process.
  6. Gravel 1st layer– Pour gravel to a depth of 6cm and compact. Lay EconoGrid 40 pavers. Plastic pavers ensure the gravel driveway will maintain permeability for the years to come, stop ruts forming and gravel being pushed to one side by vehicle tyres.
  7. Gravel 2nd layer – Backfill the plastic pavers with gravel, spread evenly across the driveway, compact lightly.
  8. Enjoy your new driveway – Once the entire driveway has been laid, you can sit back and enjoy the view.

 ** Please check your local council guidelines for construction and installation**

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