Bringing life to paved areas

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Bringing life to paved areas

Australian homeowners have shown an increased desire to build more ecologically sustainable homes. One material that is suitable for both new homes or integrated into a home renovation is the use of permeable and porous pavers. Porous pavers can provide homes with a unique look for their driveways or gardens, with many advantages over other solid and impermeable paving methods.

An alternative to conventional paving, porous pavers can add brightness and life to a driveway or courtyard. By having a core which can be filled with either lawn or gravel, porous pavers offer homeowners the ability to add a unique look while providing benefits to the environment.

A porous paving system provides a natural alternative to site drainage while assisting with stormwater management. It does this by consisting of a layered sub-base on which the porous pavers sit. This sub-base is made up of layers of geotextile fabric and gravel, which acts to filter the water as it runs through the gravel. The water is then dispersed into the stormwater system and the soil around it.

As the water runoff passes through the sub-base, it is filtered so that any pollutants are prevented from entering into the water table. As the water is now able to spread through the soil rather than purely entering stormwater run-off tanks, some of the pressure can be taken off the stormwater drainage system.

The additional water in the soil also has the added benefit of providing any lawn grown within the porous pavers with the water it needs to grow. In reducing the load on stormwater systems, new home sites can be more efficient in their stormwater management designs leading to reduced costs.

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