Benefits of root barrier installation

Benefits of root barrier installation

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With summer approaching, we want to make sure our landscapes are properly prepared for the increase in temperature. Yes, the extra heat can dry out the ground, but it also helps promote growth.

Oftentimes, the root systems of our plants or trees actively search for water, especially during summer.

Without proper management and control, those roots can cause damage or spread to unwanted areas.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of root barriers – a proven method for controlling root growth – and how you can obtain yours today!

What is a root barrier?

A root barrier is, as the name describes, a barrier that prevents roots from spreading or growing in a particular direction.

Typically, made from an eco-friendly material, they are placed underground around the plant with enough distance for the plant to grow. This forms a barrier to stop roots from spreading horizontally.

Damage caused by invasive roots can cost homes or businesses hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair costs, especially when water pipes are involved.

An interesting fact is that a plant’s roots can sense water even when flowing through pipes. Hence, why a lot of roots end up bursting underground pipes.

Check out our root barrier installation blog for more information.

Why use root barriers?

1) Effective

Root barriers are an effective solution to controlling invasive or spread out root growth, without damaging or hindering trees.

It simply places a barrier between the roots and your property. And it works by forcing the roots to grow in either the other direction or downwards.

2) Environmentally safe

Root barriers are made from material that doesn’t harm the soil or plants. There are no chemical sprays involved and the process itself does no harm or damage to the environment.

3) Long lasting

Our root barrier is UV stabilised and highly dense, so it doesn’t need to be replaced frequently. Having to replace root barriers often can result in soil damage.

4) Retain moisture

Other root control methods can be effective, but they don’t help with moisture control, which in turn can kill your tree or plant.

Our root barriers are designed to retain moisture. So, although the roots are controlled, they are also fed.

These are just some of the benefits of root barriers. If you are in need of one or perhaps have more questions, contact our friendly and excellent staff at 1300 130 123. We can help your residential or commercial property stay safe from root damage.