5 Trendy Landscape Supplies for Sustainable Gardening

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Make your garden look trendy and healthy with our sustainable gardening tips.

We picked the best landscape supplies in Sydney to get your garden off to a great start. These landscape supplies will help you create a garden that looks great. Best of all, you can install these supplies yourself quickly and easily!

1) Support your plants with hardwood garden stakes

Garden Stakes are a popular choice for gardeners. They are used to support the plant while it grows and is a must on all landscaping projects. Hardwood garden stakes are available in different sizes and are pointed on one end making them easy to install them it into the ground.

Garden Stakes

2) Use tree guards as a protection solution for young plants

There is nothing worse than having your freshly new plants killed by wind, frost or pets? The best way to secure and protect plants is to use tree guards.

Give your plants a great start by using Tree Guards. They ensure high survival rates by increasing the humidity and light are the plant, encouraging the healthy growth of plants and protects the plant from wind and vermin.

Tree Guards

3) Promote growth to your new plants with Terraform Plant Establisher

Mix plant establisher into your topsoil to help increase your plant’s survival rate. Terraform Plant Establisher strengthens root development and acts as a soil conditioner.

4) Use Jute Mesh for steep slopes

If you need an effective erosion control product, use jute mesh. It allows natural vegetation to grow through which stabilises the soil and prevents erosion.Landscape Supplies Sydney Jute Mesh

It’s a pure biodegradable woven material that is economical to use for homes and large commercial projects, especially sloping ground. Check out our How to install Jute Mesh video guide.

5) Soil wetting agent helps save water while helping plants grow

Soil wetting agents such as Saturaide helps prevent hydrophobic or non-wettable soils. It evenly distributes wetting through the soil that helps improve the efficiency of water use. Saturaide assists in establishing strong roots and improves plant growth.

Turn your yard into a sustainable garden filled with edible goodies and healthy plants! Use landscape supplies to create a beautiful garden!

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