3 Steps to Staking Tomatoes

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Tomatoes are favourite amongst most gardeners to grow in their backyard. Since tomato plants can grow quite tall and large, they can tend to fall over. Staking newly-planted tomatoes is a great solution to keep them from falling over and damaging the tomatoes.

Advantages of staking tomatoes:

✓         Improves tomato quality
✓         Supports healthy crops
✓         Increases the plants’ exposure to sunlight
✓         It’s easier to prune and fertilise
✓         Vegetables are protected by being kept off the ground

Step 1: Have Your Landscaping Materials Ready

Gather the materials needed for this project. You can order these materials from distributors of landscape supplies in Sydney.

Landscape Supplies Sydney Staking Tomatoes

  • Hardwood garden stakes – Choose a stake tall enough to hold a full-grown plant. The ideal size would be 180 to 240 cm tall and 25mm x 25mm in diameter.
  • Budding tape or Simex clips- Provide durable support for plants to remain connected with the stake, easily adjustable as the plant grows.
  • Rubber Mallet – Used for driving the stakes into the ground

Step 2: Insert Hardwood Garden Stakes into the Ground

Stake your tomato shortly after planting. If you wait until it gets tall, staking may damage the roots developing below.

Landscape Supplies Sydney Staking Tomatoes

Position the garden stake 15 cm away from the tomato plant. Drive it into the ground using a rubber mallet. Make sure that the garden stake is firmly and deeply inserted into the ground, for a 1500mm stake insert 300mm into the ground.

Step 3: Tie Your Tomato Plants

Simex Clips, a small plastic clip used to lightly clamp the tomato plant to the garden stake. Simex clips will not restrict the plants’ growth as it will open as the plant itself grows

Landscape Supplies Sydney Staking Tomatoes

Budding tape is a soft tape that can be tied around the plant and stake; the soft material will not cut into the delicate tomato plant.

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