3 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

2 mins read

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The key to a beautiful, landscaped yard is starting with a good landscaping plan. Many things can go wrong with your landscape project, causing inconvenience and costing you money.

It is important to understand the mistakes you can do with your landscaping before you begin. Here are the three most neglected factors in a landscaping project:

1) Not understanding the needs of your plants

It is important to choose the right plant for your landscaping project. This doesn’t mean that a plant that looks good is automatically the right choice. It’s important to choose plants that suit your climate. Take time to understand its features including the size, frost sensitivity, full sun or shade aspect, and soil requirements.

While doing your research, ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of soil do I have, acidic or alkaline?
  • How tall will the plant grow?
  • Can the tree/plant withstand drought or frost?
  • Will the plant require seasonal pruning?

2) Not considering erosion

Sloped garden beds tend to lose topsoil during wind or rainfall. This can damage the appearance of your beautiful landscape.

The best methods to prevent soil erosion include building retaining walls or covering the ground in jute soil saver mesh. Allowing your newly planted trees to establish themselves and stabilize the soil, jute soil saver mesh biodegrades over two years. Great natural erosion control products.

3)   Not providing protection

Make sure your plants are protected from the wildlife you have in your area. Use protection products such as tree guards and garden stakes to protect and support your plants. If you are not spraying for weeds use an open mesh tree guard, if chemicals are being sprayed in your garden a clear plastic tree guard will stop the chemical drifting onto your newly planted tree whilst allowing sunlight through facilitating photosynthesis.

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