3 Effective Ways to Minimise Soil Erosion

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Soil erosion occurs when land is disturbed by either natural elements or daily activities. Its development is often unnoticed but it brings serious damage to the soil, making it lose much of its nutrients.

Erosion can happen even in your backyard. Erosion control measures should be applied to retain the health of the soil and reduce any damage that could occur to the surrounding areas.

Here are some practical solutions using common landscape supplies  in Sydney that can help in effective erosion control:


Erosion Control Product Jute MeshCreating a healthy, perennial vegetative cover is one of the best solutions to prevent erosion. The root systems of plants stabilise the soil, making it less susceptible to erosion.

Planting trees is a great way to hold the ground together. When installing trees, make sure to use quality revegetation products including Terraform Plant Establisher, a growth enhancer for healthy and sturdy development.

For groundcover, choose plants that grow rapidly. Jute Mesh is often used underneath plants to keep soil from washing away until plant roots are established. Watch our installation guide on how to install Jute Mesh.


GeotextilesGeotextiles such as filter fabric are effectively used to stabilise soil whilst retaining porosity for water to flow. It is widely used to manage different types of erosion including lining dams and channels, reinforcing retaining walls, road stabilisation, and protection of one stratum from damage by another.

Geotextiles are best used for growing vegetation and with its permeability, it makes it a good filter for plants. If damaged, geotextile fabrics can easily be replaced, it is a cost-effective material and quick to install.


Landscape Supplies Silt FenceTo prevent further erosion, silt fence and retaining walls can be built to trap sediment and control water runoff.

Silt Fence is a low-cost solution for sediment control. If you want to learn more on how to use it for erosion control, read how to install silt fences for a step-by-step guide.

An alternative solution to silt fences is to build a retaining wall reinforced with geotextiles or sandbags for a sturdy barrier.

For sediments, use hay bales or Filter Tubes to trap and filter runoff.

Your soil is a valuable natural resource and should be protected from damage caused by erosion. Any of these erosion control methods will work as long as you choose durable erosion control products and landscape supplies.

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