3 benefits of coir matting

2 mins read

In both gardens and commercial projects, one problem which greatly impedes progress is land erosion. The erosion of lands, such as soil and sand, can result in both hefty financial costs and labour costs. However, there is one very effective means of dealing with land erosion – coir matting. Coir matting is a sheet of weaved coconut fibre that is designed to bring strength and structure to loose sand and soil. However, as well as providing strength, coir matting has many other environmental benefits.

Promoting the growth of plants

As well as providing strength and shape to loose earth and sand, coir matting is also used to promote the growth of new plants that are added alongside it. As coir matting is made up entirely of coconut fibre, it integrates easily into any environment, which results in no environmental damage. Coir matting also provides support for the root systems of plants, meaning that they can grow upon slopes that they wouldn’t normally be able to grow on. As a result, coir matting is often used to restore the presence of plant life in sloped areas. Coir matting can also be used to keep weeds away from your plants, further promoting their growth.

Moisture retention

If you find that your soil is having difficulties holding moisture, using coir matting is a great way to helping your soil retain the moisture so that it can be utilised for keeping your plants hydrated. This is because coconut fibre is very good at absorbing moisture and keeping its condition after heavy exposure to moisture. This means that coir matting can often last up to five years without needing to be removed or replaced.

Limited environmental impact

Another great benefit of coir matting is how beneficial it is the environment. Coir matting is entirely biodegradable, meaning that it doesn’t remain to damage the environment after it’s done its job. This is one of the things that sets coir matting above some other erosion control products, which are made of plastic that can remain as pollutants within the environment.

These are just some of the reasons as to why coir matting is one of the best erosion control products available today. Whether you need erosion control for a residential project or a large-scale commercial project, you can always find high-quality coir matting at All Stake Supply, one of Sydney’s leaders in erosion control products. At All Stake Supply, we’re always on hand to answer your questions, and we’ll work with you to make sure that you find the ideal erosion control product for your project. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call on 1300 130 123 today.